Supported by ViiV Foundation
Strategic partner: Light House social enterprise (implement in Hanoi and Haiphong)
Budget: VND

A partnership between Glink and Light House to propose the project “Zero Stigma, Discrimination & Violence to Zero HIV ” and received the award at IAS Conference on HIV Science. The main objectives of the project are as follow:

– Training for health facilities in HCMC, Can Tho, Hanoi and Haiphong to help health worker better understand about LGBT when visiting health facilities
– Raise awareness in community to increase demand for using healthcare services in health facilities that have been trained
– Advocacy to scalable the model to other provinces in Vietnam.

Besides, Glink and Light House also suggests a mobile application to update the list of friendly health facilities in each district for easier access. This app also allows recipients of health services to rate clinics on the level of friendliness towards stigmatized communities after using the service

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